Lose Weight Naturally

Are you struggling to loose weight? Have you tried every diet and yet you’re still not at your ideal weight? Imagine if you could have all the benefits of a Gastric Band, without the surgery, risks and cost? How good would it be finally to be free from feeling unhealthy, unconfident, and unattractive?

Lose weight quickly and safely with your own virtual gastric band. Deal with the underlying issues and get nutritional guidance and support. Feel slimmer and fitter – right away.

Following the ‘fitting’ of your virtual gastric band, you will be most successful if you are prepared to look at your emotional issues – unless you are prepared to let go and release your emotional baggage, find out who you are, and love and like yourself, you will continue the destructive yoyo cycle of dieting.

Nicola’s Gastric Band Hypnotherapy has changed the way I view food and dieting! 

First, Nicola uses hypnosis to ‘fit’ your gastric band, making you eat less and less often and giving guaranteed weight loss with no pain, no side effects and no surgery.

Nicola’s specialist mix of hypnotherapy and other techniques uncovers and gently challenges the belief system that is preventing you from achieving your desired weight. You are encouraged to use motivating dynamic language that powers up your subconscious, making it feel safe, secure and prepared to make changes.

Four easy stages  (more cost effective than a gastric band operation)

The Programme includes:

  • Four one to one consultations either
  • 4Facetime coaching Skype or phone
  • Examination of causes of over-eating
  • Virtual gastric band ‘operation’
  • Full support to deal with underlying emotional issues
  • Two specially tailored hypnosis CDs to listen to daily
  • Nutritional guidance and support
  • Unlimited telephone and email support

Full satisfaction guarantee – Nicola will keep working with you until you achieve your goal.

Disclaimer:Results may vary.