A divorced mother builds her confidence and learns to move on


AAfter several years of lacking in confidence , insomnia and too much alcohol Julia got her life back in control through hypnosis. Her boyfriend of two years had just walked out on them. As a 39 year old divorcee and mother of Ben aged 6 and flora aged 8 she came in a state of utter despair. It materialised that Julia, had been swept off her feet by the charms of a younger man who had wanted a ready -made family.

Julia told me that she still felt intense anger and bitterness towards her first husband, who she blamed for the break- up of the marriage. He was she said controlling and hadn’t allowed her to pursue her career as a journalist. She had met him at Oxford University 18 years earlier where she had attained a good English degree. Fairly immediately afterwards they moved abroad with his new and exciting career launching. Julia said she had enjoyed playing the traditional role of wife at first, putting her career on hold. Some years later the children came along and she worked in several part time roles

Through our hypnotherapy sessions we established and worked through a number of key areas. Primarily what was holding Julia back was a lack of self appreciation, she neither loved nor liked herself. She had come from a family with high expectations , anything she did ever felt good enough. We reframed how she saw herself, building her confidence and her self esteem to help her to establish a new career.

In order for her to move on with her life we worked on Julia letting go of past hurts and blaming her husband. We achieved this through the powerful forgiveness technique.


Julia began to enjoy her new found sense of purpose and self belief. She began to write regularly joining a creative writing class and blogging. She was promoted at work and asked to run lead campaigns. Her relationship with her ex husband is much improved and her anger has gone. She is still enjoying her single status.