A news journalist overcomes lack of motivation to change career


Simon, a successful broadcaster and news journalist, came for hypnotherapy initially because he was over drinking, not sleeping, irritable and lacking in motivation. He felt he was just kicking around, not pulling his weight and worrying that he would be made redundant.

It became clear that Simon was experiencing a mid life crisis – he was unhappy in his job, he had a young family later in life and the stress and strain of working long demanding hours were no longer creating the buzz that they once had. He felt trapped and unclear of how to find a new direction.


Through our hypnotherapy sessions we discovered what Simon’s true purpose was. He had always held a long-term goal to write a novel.

Simon responded well during our sessions with the support of a specifically produced hypnotic suggestion that was recorded on to a CD. We focused on controlling his drinking, managing his stress and increasing his levels of motivation to achieve his goals. He benefited by improving his sleep enabling him to feel more in control and able to make significant choices about the change of direction he needed to make.


As a result he changed his job and went freelance, managing his own time and work schedule, making room for him to start writing on his book regularly, achieving his life long ambition. His motivation increased, enabling him to once again feel worthwhile and purposeful.