See and hear what Nicola’s clients have to say in the following testimonials about her services.

“I have had fantastic results from working with Nicola, she has showed me that the changes I want to create in life can actually happen by taking little steps towards those bigger goals. She has a very positive attitude and draws out qualities in individuals making them realise who they really are and how they would like to develop whether it is on a professional or personal level.”

VG, Cirencester

Nicola has a very professional approach which attracted me to work with her as much as her energetic and empathetic personality. By working regularly with her, I keep focused and find increasing success in the areas of business and personal development. Nicola has helped me understand how to establish and experience a more positive mindset and increase my wealth consciousness. Results so far are fantastic and I highly recommend her to anyone who is currently feeling the desire to make changes in their lives or achieve more – especially professionally or financially.

NG, Stratford upon Avon

Fab session yesterday, thank you! I’m excited, I listened to the CD something’s happening because I haven’t eaten a single custard cream today. In fact I’ve not had anything unhealthy at all. I had salmon, veg and couscous for dinner last night,

HG Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire

I have still lost 27lbs despite going on holiday and putting 3 lbs back on lost that now! Delighted with results so far so good to get into bikini and feel comfortable with myself.

HS, Warwickshire

“Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and professionalism.”

FS, Chipping Norton

A really interesting, exhilarating workshop. I’ve learned real tools to help me improve all aspects of my business and personal life.  You are a real living example and inspiration of the power of what you are teaching.

SC, Oxford

Just wanted to say what a fab two days …one of the best courses I have attended for a long time and yes you were right it definitely felt different on the Monday morning.  I have had the usual stressful week but felt a lot more in control especially when dealing with the difficult person.

TR, IT Consultant

I did Nicola’s 6 week Visualisation Course in Stow last summer and had a very relaxing time with her and the rest of the delegates. Each week there were great guided visualisations and fab discussions with a bunch of like minded people. Very enjoyable.

JS, Photographer

I’ve completed a few suggestions mainly around me and my partner which centred around us arguing less…since programming in my suggestion we haven’t had the usual argument(which is very strange) and if any digs have occurred they have been playful rather than ‘having a go’ for the sake of it, so thumbs up for that suggestion.

TK, Human Resources

Thank you for the excellent course you put on…I really enjoyed it and am practicing every day. I have mastered the relax technique and enjoying the rewards of the hypnosis programme.  I am writing more suggestions and will send them over for you to look at.  Thanks again.

CR, Teacher

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